The Boy and the Snow Goose

BR Boy and SNow GooseIn this gentle, slightly bittersweet story, a boy rescues an injured snow goose and nurses it back to health. The boy and goose have magic-filled summer together, but must say goodbye when the goose migrates with the other geese in the fall. The boy spends the winter dreaming of the goose, and is happily (though briefly) reunited with the goose when it returns in the spring.

The visuals are book illustration style, in muted colours, with simple, slow-paced animation. The soundtrack is by Normand Roger, whose music I always enjoy.

In one scene, a child briefly threatens to throw a stone at the goose. Though nothing bad happens, you may wish to postpone watching this film with your toddler until they are already aware that people sometimes do mean things like that. (Or you could use it as an opportunity to discuss that before they encounter it in real life.)

Age: 3+
Adult rating: 9/10
Child rating: 9/10
Running time: 10 minutes
Available free on the National Film Board of Canada website